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When you are moving from one place to another fitting everything in boxes may seem difficult or even impossible. But do not worry in this article we are going to share some tips about pack boxes therefore you can get the job done professionally. Regarding valuable and fragile objects little extra protection may also be needed. In the following article we are going to share with you some tips about packing boxes for moving in Vancouver.

home packing services
home packing services

Tips about pack for moving in Vancouver BC

In the following article we are going to share with you some tips about pack for moving in Vancouver.

  1. Seize the time to pack boxes

It is necessary to pack as soon as possible for instance 2 or 3 weeks before you move. You should keep in your mind that packing is a lengthy proves and you will need times therefore if you start as early as possible you will have enough time to pack boxes and packing whatever you need for moving. Therefore it’s better to have a deadline and finish packing a night before moving day. You can divide the packaging in certain number of boxes a day in this case by a specific date you can finish packing certain rooms.

Seize the time to pack boxes for Moving Services in Vancouver

  1. Buy packing supplies before you begin.

It means that you can pack boxes in the room they are available and it’s not necessary to re-locate them. Therefore allocate a certain box for each room for instance for kitchen and bed room allocate separate boxes.

Pack boxes for moving in Vancouver at their own room

  1. Items you need for pack boxes.

You need to buy some items for pack boxes. Therefore packing supplies such as clear packing tape, masking tape, bubble wrap in the case of having any fragile objects, packing paper for padding, plastic wrap for wrapping beauty product and finally a marker to write the labels.

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item list for Home moving
item list for Home moving

  1. While Moving and Packing in BC how many boxes you will need?

Well, counting and estimating the amount of needed boxes while moving in Vancouver is very easy as you can estimate the amount based on square footage. Therefore, try to get as much as boxes you can since sometimes you may need, more boxes. As we mentioned you can estimate the amount based on square footage. For example you may need 7 large boxes, 16 small boxes, 14 medium boxes, and 4 extra-large boxes if the area of your home is 700–900 feet (210–270 m). You can find these standard box sizes at any packaging store or hardware store.

  1. Is the quality of pack boxes is important?

The quality of boxes is important; therefore you should find durable boxes with no damage. Newer boxes are much more durable than the old ones. Pay attention that there should be be no scratches, tears, or dyes on the box. Do not over load the box as the carrying will be difficult therefore; make sure that before packing it you can close the box. In the case of having old pack boxes that are starting to fall apart, it’s better to use some new boxes. Folding the top of boxes is not a good idea therefore packing the boxes when they are ready to be closed. Then you will need a piece of tape to join the end of box.

A piece of tape to join the end of pack boxes for moving in Vancouver


  1. Should I write the names over the pack boxes?

Writing the names over the boxes is very important. In this regard make a packing list for each room. Write the name of rooms from which you should pick the staff for instance hallways, bathrooms, and porches. Then, under the name of each room write the name of staffs for instance from bed room you will collect the books, sheets, pictures, lamps and etc. after that categorize the items based on their usage and pack the books, novels, binders, and notebooks together in one box and frames in another. In this case when you want to unpack them it will be much easier for you to find the appropriate staff. You may have books in children room also so you are going to pack them in that room therefore do not pack boxes together as they belong to different rooms.

Moving Checklist
Moving Services Checklist
  1. Does the weight of pack boxes have importance?

The weights of boxes have importance therefore select large boxes for light objects and for heavy objects small boxes. Since, if you fill a large box with heavy items, carrying that box will be much more difficult. In order to have lighter boxes put the parts of computer and books in smaller pack boxes. Therefore, large boxes are suitable for light items like blankets, clothing, or stuffed animals. Try to keep the parts together for example the mouse and keyboard of computer together. In the case of having small pieces like stick screws, wires, and other hardware you can use small plastic bags.

Tips about pack boxes of non-breakable items

Following we are going to share some tips about packing of non-breakable items.

  1. Warping each item individually in paper is a good method. In this regard it’s better to use tissue paper, packing paper or old clothes and towels. Some people may use old newspaper which may also work, but remember that the ink of newspaper can stick onto clothing, books, or glass.
  2. Instead of paper covering liquids with plastic wrap is a good solution. In order to prevent the leakage cove them with plastic and put some Tape around. In order to have extra security you may also use zipped plastic bag and store them.
  3. Through using crumpled paper or packing peanuts line the bottom of the box. This stuffing will save items from shifting around the box and breaking. In order to fill the bottom you can put a layer of peanuts or crunch paper into balls.
  4. Larger and heavier items should be placed on the lowest part of the box. Around them you can fit minor items. Place the smaller or fragile items on top. Do not make each box heavier than 30 pounds (14 kg).
  5. For instance, place a book on the bottom, afar that place the pot, and dishtowels can goes around them. Small picture frames and magnets can go inside the pot for Moving in Vancouver BC.
  6. In the case of having very fragile items it’s better to put them in a separate pack boxes.
  7. In order to prevent damage use extra padding for the top of the box. Make sure to staff the spaces with extra packing peanuts or paper. As fillers you can use folded bubble wrap, newspaper, packing peanuts or crumbled paper. Otherwise, you can use towels and clothing between items to increase the space between items.
  8. To prevent it from falling it’s better to tape the top of the box. Do not forget to apply the tape both on the on the top and bottom of the box.
  9. After you fill the boxes write or put the label on two sides. Even you can write where this box belongs and where it goes for instance kitchen staff. Therefore you can directly write with a marker on the box or use a printed sticker if you want to reuse the box later.
  10. Try to indicate in a detailed way the items for instance if the box includes various items try to note them over the boxes.
  11. Use a marker and indicate the top of the pack boxes and make sure that heavier stuffs are on the bottom. Therefore while unpacking you will not face any problem.


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Moving In Together
Moving In Together in Vancouver BC


Tips about pack boxes for fragile objects

Following we are going to mention some tips about pack boxes for fragile objects.

  1. Select a box that can carry 10 pounds (4.5 kg) or less. In the case of selecting big boxes your fragile items may be loose in their pack which this can cause them break. It is better to select small boxes for fragile objects.
  2. In the case of hiring movers, let them know that they should carry these boxes very carefully as they may include glasses or boxes shaped for frames.

Pack boxes for fragile items while moving in Vancouver

  1. Put some crumpled packing paper at the bottom of the box to avoid any damage. This will make a smooth bed for your fragile staff so that you can carry them very easily. If you wonder where you can find these types of paper we recommend you the supplies at hardware store and post office.
  2. In order to avoid any damage it’s better to wrap each item separately in packing paper or bubble wrap. But we recommend you to use bubble wrap for thin, subtle objects like plates, porcelain, or uplighters. In the case of having slightly tougher objects packing paper is good for instance objects like picture frames or lamp shades.
  3. A wad of crumbled paper is necessary for the fragile items such as glasses, mugs, and vases, which should be stuffed inside these objects.
  4. Some people in the case of fragile items usually use clothing or towels to stuff inside them, but it’s not secure enough.
  5. It’s better to pack boxes based on their shape and space and pack them in organized way therefore the possibility of breakage will reduce. Pack each item in the box according to its shape and size. Do not over stack the fragile items and avoid over loading them. Even you can put heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones at the above.
  6. In the case of having plates and picture frames it’s better to put them in vertical position next to the walls of boxes. In the case of glasses and cups it’s better to place them up side down.
  7. While moving in Vancouver separate boxes should be allocated for lamps and lamp shades.
  8. You can use more bubble wrap, packing peanuts to fill empty spaces. Leave a thin space between the objects. In order to avoid extra and empty space stuff extra stuffing paper into them. Before closing the boxes place an additional layer on top this layer can be a packing peanuts or crumpled paper.
  9. In order to fill the empty spaces use packing material as much as you need to fill all he gaps and empty spaces. In the case of leaving any empty space the objects will move in the box and damage may occur.
  10. Before it is too full tape the top of the pack boxes. You should not leave any opening so try to close all sorts of opening with the tape as during the carrying any opening may get wider and staff may fall out of that opening.
  11. Write or put the label of fragile on all 4 sides of the box. For this reason use the marker or printed labels and write the word in large letters. The most important thing which you should do is to indicate the top of the box with the arrows therefore while carrying the mover will know which side is the top and they will carry them carefully. Make sure that weightier matters are not placed on top of box when packing in the truck.

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Labeling Pack boxes for fragile items while moving in Vancouver

  1. Don’t forget to mention the name of the object beside the label of fragile staff. For example, “FRAGILE: glasses” or “FRAGILE–lamps.”



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